Re: Figuring out which Wy-Fi Network to hook up too?


I should add that there are connections that show as unsecured which, when you connect, require you to open your browser and enter information on a web page.  I don't remember details about this since I have very seldom worked with such pages but that is another thing that may happen if you try to use a connection that you have to log into in some way.

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From: Gene
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I would think that the name of a business such as a coffee shop should be made obvious by the owners.  Whatever the case, do you hear an indication of signal strength as you go through the names?  Since you were in the parking lot, the signal would be expected to be in the strongest range, excellent.  I would also expect that the connection would be shown as unsecured.  I'm not sure about that because I have very seldom used such public WI-FI signals.  but the signal strength and what I would expect to be an unsecured connection should be very good clues.
You can try connecting to as many signals as you want.  All that will happen if you can't use the signal is that you will be asked for a password, which you won't know.
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From: Dave
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Subject: [TechTalk] Figuring out which Wy-Fi Network to hook up too?

Last night, had a situation where I could not figure out which Wy-Fi
network to hook up to. 

Turned on my System, and was given a list of local Wy-Fi Networks, and
it was a long list too.  Lots of Small business have Wy-Fi connections,
and was getting a Wy-Fi Signal from several of these businesses.  Some
as far away as three or four

Had no idea a Wy-Fi signal could have that sort of range. 

Had signals coming from several stores, and what I would guess were
several homes or apartments.

Some had names, and I could easily tell what signals belonged to who.
Such as the one for the Laundromat, and the Bar next to it etc.  But
most Signals had names that didn't mean a thing, and I didn't see the
one I was looking for. 

Is there a way to know which Wy-Fi Signals go with what location?   Say
I am at a Coffee Shop, and I am wanting to connect to the Coffee "
Shop's Free Wy-Fi.   And the Shop's Signal isn't obvious in the list of
possible Signals to hook up to.  How do you know which one to use?  And
I wasn't inside the shop, but outside it, in the parking lot. 

Thanks for any advice,

Grumpy Dave

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