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Hi Josh,


Try checking the settings in the Startup Wizard in the Jaws Help menu. I keep the check box for “Start Jaws after logon for all users” unchecked, and set the combo box to Always. If this does not work, you can run a repair on your Jaws installation. If you decide to do this, you can respond for instructions.





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I bought jaws2018 latest version with two SMAS yesterday and got it all activated. Jaws is set to start automatically using the all users setting for both the checkbox and combo box in the basics dialog. Jaws starts at windows login, but after I log in, it does not start automatically. I have to start it manually with the keyboard shortcut I set up. Why won’t jaws start automatically? NVDA is set to not start at all. Narrator is also turned off. Jaws is checked in ease of access center. Before installing jaws I uninstalled and deactivated codeFactory sapi5 eloquence. Uninstalled jaws to try and prevent the themida error. Deleted all freedom scientific folders. Reinstalled latest jaws2018 that came out yesterday. Reinstalled jaws2018. Set it all up. Jaws still won’t run at startup. Do I have to reset windows10?





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