Some not-so-fun with Windows10 sound drivers

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Hey, :)
Probably wont be useful to everyone using 10, but hopefully it's still worth mentioning and helpful to those who are who have the same types of issues with sound and drivers as I've been tinkering with. So basically this laptop came with the Realtek High-definition  software/drivers and I wished to replace them and use the standard Intel High-definition drivers instead. Not only are the standard Intel High-definition drivers slightly more responsive when plugging and unplugging headphones from the port, they allow you more control over what you wish the microphone part of the combo jack to do when a headset with a built-in Microphone is connected. As I wished to use the internal microphones that are built into the laptop and not the ones as part of any headset and since the Realtek drivers do not give you this option at all, they needed to go and not be reinstalled.

Several things I read said that you could tell Windows10 to not automatically update drivers as part of the Windows updates but this never worked for keeping them from being reinstalled on me rebooting the computer and reconnecting to my Wifi, the driver would just pop back down through Windows update again. There was also a tool that I found on Microsoft's pages that allow you to select updates and hide them, similar to how you could deselect updates to not be installed in 7, but even after I selected the Realtek driver, it would still install a part of the software and end up in a situation where it was telling me I always had an update that needed to be installed after a restart and I would lose functionality of the Intel High-definition driver. So far what I've found that works is to remove the Realtek driver from device manager and then uninstall the software as normal. When it tells you that you need to reboot the computer, select no and then navigate to the Realtek directory in C:\program files and right click it or press the applications key to bring up the menu. Head to properties and under the security tab you need to completely deny all permissions for the system user, but make sure you're denying them for Realtek. lol
Basically it keeps what ever is trying to reinstall the software from doing so, and the better driver will stay installed on restarting. Yay!
I'm really only posting this as I've spent quite a bit of time and about 20 or 30 restarts trying to figure this out and stumbled across this solution on reddit and it actually worked so wanted to share. It's a crappy hacky workaround and there might be something else that works too, but it's working great for me so far. As with most combo jacks that I've had on Windows laptops, my previous Lenovo included, the Microphone part of the jack sounds absolutely terrible so this has saved my bacon and I get to use the much nicer-sounding internals. woot!!!
Hope someone finds this helpful. :)
Take care.

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