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Hi Mike,


I’m sorry, but I get that same problem. It  is like Jaws not starting at the logon screen for me,  I tried to repair Jaws twice, but both times I got an error message stating that the repair could not be completed. I called Freedom Scientific, and I was told that the best thing I could do was to uninstall Jaws completely and then reinstall it. It still does not start at logon for me. I believe that Freedom Scientific (VFO) is too busy trying to repair and update the bigger problems, and the smaller stuff never gets addressed. It’s the typical result of becoming a corporate entity. The stock holders are the most important people to please.





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Hi All,


Running Widows 10 Pro Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.81) with Jaws 16 thru J2018 latest.  Whenever I want to eject / remove an external harddrive I click on the system tray icon, choose the device, and press enter on it, but Jaws doesn't report the following:


Safe To Remove Hardware: The ’USB Mass Storage Device’ device can now be safely removed from the computer.


Can anyone tell me how to get Jaws to report the message above?  Or, what setting is supposed to be activated to make Jaws report the message above?  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks mooy moocho.


Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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