OCR Solution

Vlad Dragomir

Dear all,

I need to find a way to transform image pdf files into text. These are mostly books that have been scanned a while ago, but I haven't had the time and patience to find a solution. Now I really need to do something about this, for professional reasons.

I found this Windows 10 app called KNFB Reader, which seems to do exactly that. However, since this is a rather expensive app, I'd like to ask those who have already used it a few things if I may:
1. How does this app deal with multi-lingual documents? Is it possible to choose two or more recognission languages for the same book? Most of my books are manuals. I am a language teacher and it is very important that both languages used in a book be accurately detected.
2. Is formatting being retained, at least in part?
3. Are there any alternatives to this application? It seems to be the only accessible solution, but I might be wrong.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this.

Most sincerely,


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