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Rick Alfaro

Hi. I’ve been playing with this as well and control shift o seem to be by far the easiest to work with. Typing part of the bookmark name in the search field works great and you can just tab over to the list of matching bookmarks.




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there is no shortcut command such as you are asking about.  You can use alt f, hold alt and type f to open the menu.  Then type bo to move to the book marks item and press enter. 


For some reason, you can't use first letternavigation in the main folder.  if you place your book marks in another folder, from the very little I've played around with this, you can move using first letter navigation. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] accessing bookmarks in chrome


IN Internet Explorer I hit altA to quickly get to my favorites.  Is there a way like this to quickly get my bookmarks?   I also want to do letter navigation through my bookmarks this doesn’t seem possible.  I DO NOT WANT TO TYPE INTO A SEARCH FIELD WHAT I WANT!


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