Working with Messenger

Eleni Vamvakari

I'm finally free of Skype! It seems that Messenger (the one used on
Facebook) is actually accessible with NVDA! I went to

and could easily navigate the page. This is quite different from when
I first tried it a few years ago. But I do have a few questions. Is
there a way to always enable my microphone so that I don't have to do
it each time I call someone? How do I go to the alerts in Firefox in
general? Can I make it so that only the conversation that I'm in is
visible? Is there a way to turn on sounds for sending and receiving
messages, and to let me know who is calling me? How do I delete
contacts in Messenger who I deleted or even blocked on Facebook? How
can I check audio messages that were left for me? Is there an
accessible client that I can download that works with Messenger? I
know of an unofficial one called Messenger for Desktop, but the
installer was completely inaccessible. Still, the developer seems
eager for suggestions, so this may be something that the blind
community can test.

Finally, can anyone recommend any other general software that I can
use for chat and/or calls between computers? Ideally, it should be
like Msn/Windows Live Messenger or Accessible Chat, as I liked the
simple interface. Thank you.


Facebook: elvam2167

Skype: elvam2167

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