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Walter Ramage

Hi.  Yes, she knows about Dropbox.  The whole thing began with her asking me to help her with zipping files and folders.  That was no problem as she got that but she wanted to test if she had done it correct by sending me an attachment of the zipped item/s.  As I don’t use Win10 I don’t know the differences between Win7 and Win10 regards sending emails.  I explained to her the problem she would have with ISPs if she tried to send too large a file and suggested she use Dropbox if she uses it.  She did use Dropbox and I got the file and it turned out to be over 500mg, that’s why she couldn’t attach it.  The zipping thing is sorted, she’s got that but now she was wanting to know about how to attach a file.  When I attach a file in Outlook 2007 I simply copy and paste the file I want to attach into the body of the unopened, unsent mail and that attaches it but I didn’t know if that was true with whatever email client she was using in Win10 and hence my question. Walter.


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Does she know about DropBox and other methods for sharing files?  While people do send attachments, she won't be able to send anything large.  E-mail providers don't allow it.  If she just wants to send small files, that's fine but if she tried to attach a large fie, that implies that she needs to know about other ways of file sharing.  Plus the fact that many people don't like getting any attachments, even legitimate ones, because of security fears.



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Hi.  That’s the method I use with outlook 2007.  I gave her those instructions and she tried it but it didn’t work for her.  I think she might have used a too large file and I suggested she use a smaller file but I’ve not heard from her since I made that suggestion so far.  I will though let her know that method is the correct one for Office 365.  Thank you.  Walter.


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This way has worked with Outlook for all versions so I honestly believe that Microsoft wouldn’t pull it from Outlook in 365, try it and see for yourself.


Outlook Sending Attachments:

1. Just copy whatever file or files to your clipboard that you are interested in sending as attachments.

2. With focus in the body of the new email or reply that you are interested in sending/sharing, simply paste these files or single file and these will now be attached as attachments for you to send/share (simply just Shift+Tab to check and verify).


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Hi all.  I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who is using Win10 and Office 365.  I personally use Win7 and Outlook 2007 so have no idea how to help her attach files.  Will somebody please give me step by step instructions for attaching files in Office 365 in Win10 that I can send to her.  Your help would be appreciated.  Walter.



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