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Keith S

When I tried to change my password, they do send me an email with a 6 digit code that I have to enter on the FB screen.  But, then they tell me there was an issue with the account and I need confirmation either my DOB or asking 3 people from the friends list  on that account.  I have to call them or talk to them in person, have them go to a fb website and get a confirmation code. 

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Everything in my profile is real, except my name, which I state in my
biography.  As here, I go by Eleni Vamvakari.  I have never heard of
them actually requesting a legal identification picture!  That's
crazy!  Also, could they not just send you a text or an e-mail, either
with your information or with a link to a temporary password?
Regardless, it's good to have a file with your usernames and passwords
on different sites.  If you use Firefox, there is also a way to
retrieve your passwords by viewing your login information.

On 31/05/2018, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> You also say you had forgotten your password.  I'm not giving you a hard
> time but keep a record of everything, every password and all information you
> create that is fictitious that you won't remember.
> Gene
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> Keith and all
> This is an example of why you should keep a record of everything.  Don't
> assume you won't need something.  I don't use my real birthday either to
> protect myself against hackers.  I made a record of it so I can use it if I
> need to and also so I can use the same fictitious date consistently on
> accounts where my birthday is none of their business.  While this may not
> matter, if you are going to create a fallse record, I think its better for
> it to be consistent.
> Gene
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> Hi, I had forgotten my facebook password a  while back and got locked out of
> my account.
> Facebook has given me one of 2 options to  unlock my account.  The first is
> to enter my date of birth on record on my account.  Problem is, I purposely
> fudged the DOB when I made the account to throw off possible hackers in the
> case that  there was a data breech at Facebook.  So that option is out.
> the other choice is to have 3 of a list of 5  people to go to a website and
> get a confirmation code for them to  send to me, which I need to enter.
> I have tried this but all 3 of the people  said taht they get a messege on
> their computers stating that they are not friends with me on that account.
> I actually want to close the locked account and simply use my new account
> that I have recently made.
> Is there any way to contact facebook and actually have them look at the
> profile photo and compare it to my state ID photo?  When my wife has been
> locked out of her account due to people reporting her to FB for posting
> things that are "disagreeable" (in reality, the people reporting her posts
> just had grudges with her),  she had to make a photo or scan of her driver's
> license and send it to fb to confirm her identity.
> And all these problems happened before the cambridge analytica scandal
> happened.
> Or, are there any facebook listservs wehre I could get more detailed help
> with fb issues?
> Thanks
> Keith

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