Re: taking the Wd My passport drive a part

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Also, and my apologies for not including it in my previous message. I don't know about the particular HD in question that can't be used wirelessly with the Windows10 machine, but if it's anything like the WesternDigital MyBook NAS that I used to use, it had support for more than just the Samba protocol. I've not tried to configure a Samba connection on Windows10 yet, but if it doesn't work for that particular drives network connection, I'd look and see if it supports a different protocol such as FTP, etc.

On 6/1/2018 9:01 PM, Jeremy wrote:
As far as taking one of them apart, it's not super difficult to use a small screwdriver to gently start prying along one of the edges to start separating the two halves of the plastic case. Once the outer case has been removed, you then need some somewhat specialized tools to actually open up the drive itself as the screws aren't the normal star-shaped ones. The outer plastic case is simply a case for the drive to fit into that also contains the port and circuitry for connecting it through USB. Either way, once the actual HD has been opened, I would imagine it would take a super delicate hand to do any sort of cleaning of the parts in there, heads or whatever as they can be super easy to damage. I've also herd that once you open an HD and expose it to the air, mostly because the dust and whatever that might be floating around that it's pretty much a done deal that somethings going to get screwed up unless you've got a super clean environment to open it up in. Even just a few specs of dust that might end up on one of the platters would not be a good thing at all for the HD.
Take care.

On 6/1/2018 7:30 PM, Missa wrote:
I have a WD HD Ultra and was wondering why you were wanting to do
that. I ask because I'm having issues with mine and wonder if doing
that will help.
I changed the USB, the old one that came with the HD did the same
thing, it will power-up the HD, but I can't access what is on the

Thanks and hope you get the answer you need. I don't have much of a
sense of touch so I can't say how to go about it with my own to offer
On 6/1/18, Jaffar Sidek <> wrote:
Hi.  My WD passport has no wiareless

connection, and I am on Windows 10 64Bit so I'm sorry I can't comment on
both counts.  Cheers!
On 6/1/2018 7:51 PM, Fanus wrote:
Not sure if I must change the subject but just curious if you are able
to use your passport on a windows10 32 bit pc. I get an error telling
me that I need the SMB2 protocol, so I can not access the drive
*From:* Jaffar Sidek
*Sent:* Friday, June 1, 2018 8:48 AM
*Subject:* [TechTalk] taking the Wd My passport drive a part
Hi.  I am wanting to open up my Western Digital drive to access inside
of it.  However, it is covered entirely by two plastic coverings sealed
tightly together with no screws to unscrew as a way to detach them.  Is
there a way to open up the plastic covering to maybe clean the drive's
magnetic head and motor? Thanks and cheers!

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