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Are you saying they both use both services or does one use one and the other use the other?  I never meant to give the impression that you don't have access to a lot of stations, you do.  I'm just saying that if your only or only significant use of such products is to listen to radio, you might as well use a computer, unless you really want the convenience of getting radio by speaking what you want to listen to. 
Not to mention the ability to record audio with a computer.  And with a computer, I can speed up podcasts or something I record and save lots of time.  Books as well. 

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Both Echo and Google Home use the Tunein and iHeart services for radio stations.

The easiest way to tune to a station is to speak the call letters.
You can even listen to podcasts through the devices.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Which is the better product; Google Home or Amazon Echo?

I don't recall the prices of the products.  If your main interest is, and continues to be radio, then it's a waste of money, in my opinion..  You can get more radio stations using your computer and you can send the signal, using an FM transmitter, to all the radios in your house.  Using an FM transmitter, I don't know if you'll lose any sound qualitty, but you should get good sound. 
But you may decide, on learning more about what these devices do, that you want one for radio as well as other things. 
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Subject: [TechTalk] Which is the better product; Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Hi folks.  It hasn’t interested me in the past but I’m toying with the idea of purchasing either a Google Home or An Amazon Echo.  The problem is, I don’t know which product is the best, especially in the area of accessibility.  My main use for the product would be radio listening.  I do have a number of DAB radios in the house but their presets are limited and it requires pressing a number of buttons to get the station required.  With either Google or Amazon I can ask for that station to be played.  I guess other skills might be useful but I don’t know all what is available however I’m not interested in having it turn on and off lights since I never use lights since I am total.  I understand that Amazon have a much wider range of products but I’m not really concerned about appearance as it is irrelevant to me.  Also I know some echoes have touch screens but do they have audio feedback?  As I have said, I’m toying with the idea and haven’t made my mind up but when I do and if I decide to make a purchase I’d like to have some idea of what I’m about to spend my money on.  All comments welcome.  Walter.


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