Re: Which is the better product; Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Walter Ramage

Hi. That is good to know. Last October I traded in my Arcam Solo neo DAB
music system for something different and high-end. The good thing about the
Arcam Solo Neo was it also had internet radio, unfortunately the station
listings were not accessible Via the hi-fi unit but they were via their
website. I think there were well over 1000 internet stations I could choose
from and I could search them via genre i.e. news, sport country music pop
music rock music religious spoken word etc.. I would imagine I'd need to do
a web search for stations in order to instruct the echo, or would the echo
do a search for me? Walter.

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Yes, international stations can be accessed. Usually any station is started
by its call letters or its name.

A local station k d k a is started by that call name. Just using npr
anywhere starts the local public radio station nearest to you.

For example using a name; one of the bbc services is called bbc 4 which is a
mostly news source, bbc 4 xtra plays radio dramas. There are
several other bbc choices for music and regional services in the uk.

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Hi. Thanks. As much as I would like to listen to local and national
stations I wonder if the Echo would be able to find international radio
stations and if so, how is it done. Walter.

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Hello Walter,
I recommend the Amazon, Echo. You can purchase an Echo, Dot for $39
thatt will give you all its features for a very reasonable price.
You will ve able to listen to many radio stations, plus have access to
thousands of skills that are fun to interact with.
Good luck,

On 6/3/2018 1:45 PM, Walter Ramage via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi folks. It hasn't interested me in the past but I'm toying with the
of purchasing either a Google Home or An Amazon Echo. The problem is, I
don't know which product is the best, especially in the area of
accessibility. My main use for the product would be radio listening. I
have a number of DAB radios in the house but their presets are limited
it requires pressing a number of buttons to get the station required.
either Google or Amazon I can ask for that station to be played. I
other skills might be useful but I don't know all what is available
I'm not interested in having it turn on and off lights since I never use
lights since I am total. I understand that Amazon have a much wider
of products but I'm not really concerned about appearance as it is
irrelevant to me. Also I know some echoes have touch screens but do
have audio feedback? As I have said, I'm toying with the idea and
made my mind up but when I do and if I decide to make a purchase I'd
have some idea of what I'm about to spend my money on. All comments
welcome. Walter.


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