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Yeah, but that's kind of Ann's MO. Having been on a few of the same lists over the years, you get to know her pattern. She'll tend to either go all over the top, miss the point entirely or misunderstand something and launch into a lecture of this or that and bury you in a blizzard of words.
Not that she's always wrong per say, but somehow the message is either slightly off or comes off heavy handed.

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I have to agree with Laz on this point. While it is reasonable to offer
corrections, we should try to present them in a less aggressive manner.
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Wow! Such vehemence! Is this list now a platform for this kind of flaming?

Anne, in your haste to chastise and label me a source of
disinformation you didn't stop to actually read my message or at least
you didn't take a moment to understand what I wrote. I provided no
disinformation in my message. Since it seems my message didn't filter
through whatever intention to flame me publicly kept it from reaching
you, I'll break it down for you below:

1. I stated, "I have no info on reading Daisy books on a computer"

Where is the disinformation? I don't have any experience at all with
playing Daisy books on a computer. Really curious to hear what
disinformation is included in my statement.

2. I stated, "the NLS player doesn't play Daisy books."

Does it have Daisy navigation? I can somewhat see the point of wanting
to correct me for this one and perhaps I should have said that I
don't know that it plays Daisy books with Daisy navigation but can
play the MP3 component of those that have MP3 files in them. But
really Anne, was it necessary to label me a source of disinformation
because my statement wasn't as complete as you determined it should
have been? I mean the point of Daisy books is that they can be read
with Daisy navigation features not just listened to like any other
audio track. Right? If I'm wrong and the NLS player does play Daisy
books with Daisy navigation, then I apologize for speaking out of turn
on that point.

3. I stated, "but I' believe an Iphone must have some app that would
play Daisy books."

There's no disinformation in here either. Please point it out if you
believe there is. I'm not very familiar with aps for the iOS platform
but figured that there would be some apps for accomplishing the task
so I stated so.

4. I stated the following:

"There are also portable players that will play Daisy books including
this more affordably priced one which was just introduced:

Please point out any disinformation here. The price for the player I
mentioned is, $229.99. If you can get a brand new Victor Stream,
BookSense, Plextalk Pocket, BookPort, or any other portable Daisy
player, and I mean one that provides Daisy navigation, at that price
or less, please provide that information. Otherwise, no disinformation
here either.

Confucius say, Please engage brain before opening mouth. (smiles)



On 11/5/15, Ann Parsons <> wrote:
Hi all,

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Disinformation alert!!!

Original message:
Hi Vicki,
I have no info on reading Daisy books on a computer, the NLS player
doesn't play Daisy books, but I' believe an Iphone must have some app
that would play Daisy books.
There are also portable players that will play Daisy books including
this more affordably priced one which was just introduced:

The information above is disinformation, information which is almost
true but not quite, or information which is partially true but the
whole story has not been told.

the first glaring piece of disinformation is that the NLS player
doesn't play DAISY books. It does indeed play DAISY books, in fact,
that is the *only* kind of books one can get in audio from NLS. The
disinformation here is that the poster doesn't explain that there are
three types of DAISY books: DAISY audio, DAISY etext and DAISY
audio/text. The books from NLS are DAISY audio books and periodicals.
The DTBM from NLS doesn't play any type of etext because it has no TTS
feature. BTW, the NLS player will also play .wav and .mp3.

Now, the second part of this singularly inaccurate post above is that
there are no means by which a DAISY book can be played on a computer.
This is untrue. There are several players which are made for playing
DAISY material on one's computer, most notably FS Reader which is a
free accompaniment to Jaws. It plays both etext and audio DAISY
material. Your kindly friends who profess to be your "learning ally"
have a reader which is available for your computer. I disremember what
it's called because they are no longer my friends. However you can
research it on their web site. Bookshare boasts at least two players
which will allow access to their etext and audio DAISY formats. There
may be other solutions to playing DAISY books on your computer such as
DocuScan Plus, Kurzweil 1000, and Open Book. Many of you may have
received these software packages from rehab agencies.

As for the iPhone, there are at least two options and they are free.
The first is the iPhone Ap from NLS which will play DAISY audio and
possibly DAISY etext. The second is called Voice Dream Reader and is
available from Bookshare.

Because of iPhone's Voice Over, you now have access to Kindle and other

There are several portable DAISY players available on the market which
play both DAISY audio and DAISY etext: VR Stream, VR Stratus,
Bookport, Book Sense, Plextalk, Apex, Braille Sense and more. They
range in price from about $250.00 to $6,000.00.

My best advice to those who wish to help others with information is
that before offering information you do a couple of things: one, check
the validity of your information; two, check to see that you have
complete and accurate information; three, if you are promoting a given
product, learn about your competitors so that you can offer your
customers the full range of information possible. Remember Chris
Cringle giving the mother the information that she could find the
skates she was seeking at Gimbals?

Ann P.

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