Re: UEB Braille code and restaurant menu inaccessibility

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

Well, well, well, I guess both chivalry and problem solving are dead. It's a real shame too. Problem solving is so helpful!

I noticed last night when I was looking up the dollar sign on my cheat sheet and couldn't figure out which dots were which. I went to my handy, dandy brailleNote and wrote the symbols down till I got the one that looked the same as the one in the book.

One does not need to have a BrailleNote or even a Perkins Brailler to solve this problem. All you need is a scrap of paper and a slate and stylus. Write it down, duplicate it, hello? Is anyone home?

Yes it would be easier if the dot numbers were given, but since they aren't, you have to stretch your mind just a tiny bit. It's good for you! People yammer on and on about physical exercise when sometimes what is needed is mental stretching.

Ann P.

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