Issues With Eloquence SAPI 5 from AT Guys On Windows 10 Version 18.03

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

A few weeks ago, I had reported that Jim Kitchen's games would not work on Windows 10 version 18.03.  I never thought to check anything concerning the message I received: "Please register this product."  It turns out that Jim Kitchen's games weren't the issue. I guess I must be getting old, but this registration thing finally (after more than 2 weeks) clicked in my head.  I had SAPI 5 Eloquence from AT Guys set as the default voice for SAPI 5. When I tried running it using NVDA, I got the same: "please register this product" Message.

My questin is: has anybody else had this issue with losing the registration for their Eloquence from AT Guys and how is it rectified?  I have already tried reentering the activation code, but the server returns and 'already registered' message.  I have sent a message to, but have not received a response so far.

Thanks for any help on this issue.

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