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Robin Frost

Just to clarify the braille is not on the card but they do have the old style orange card with raised numbers as contrasted with the newer all metal card whose numbers can't easily be felt. but yes on two separate brailled documents you'd get your card number and your expiration date and security code from the back of the card.

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From: janet gross
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Hi robin,
Wow, so Chase Bank will send me my Visa card in Braille if I request it? wow, I like that, as my bank does not do that, matter of fact, I have been having a very difficult time using my bank's site on my computer, but if I download their app on my phone, well, it is even worse! Thank you for all this.

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I just wanted to mention in the interest of accessibility for the blind that
Chase bank the issuer of this card still offers upon request the older style
of card with embossed numbers. They also offer for the blind card holders
upon request what they call a dual letter. This is a pair of brailled
letters coming under separate cover the first containing your card number in
braille along with its expiration date. The second arriving bearing the
security code info found on the back. The separate these two pieces of
information even in Braille for security's sake.
I hope that helps anyone who might have or be considering this card.
Tale good care.

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From: Marie
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I have had an Amazon Visa for about two years and like it quite a lot. To
benefit the most from the card you really need to be an Amazon Prime member
which costs $119 per year. For that membership you get free Amazon videos,
tons of free music, free 2 day shipping on most items and a 5% rewards for
purchases made at Amazon.
In addition even if not a member you get 2% at restaurants, service stations
and drugstores and 1% anywhere else. If you did not want to get the
membership you could still get the card, take advantage of the $50 gift card
and just hold it for the required time.
Best is if you only charge what you can pay in full on each statement. If
you manage it correctly it is a great deal, but as Michael said if not
managed it is not so great just like any other credit card.

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HI Everyone,
I'm still debating which Echo or Dot to buy. So far I am considering either
the Echo Dot, or the Echo second generation. I am looking for something
that has a good sound quality as I will probably buy Amazon's music. I went
on to the Amazon web site, and they are giving me a offer in which I don't
know anything about, so I want to ask those who might be more familiar with
the Amazon Visa Card. This offer is only if I buy an Echo or dot. So if
anyone is familiar with the card would you please share your information or
I copied and pasted below the message I get when I visit the site.


Amazon Rewards Visa Card
$50 instant gift card
Janet, get a $50 Gift Card instantly upon approval for the Amazon
Rewards Visa Card

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