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Yeah, the Amazon unlimited plan and the service should work fine on your IOS device. You'd need to test the app for accessibility of course, but I'd imagine that it works ok. At least for it being able to work with browsing music, creating playlists, whatever though, the IOS app seems to work perfectly well. My wife absolutely loves it and uses hers all the time. :)
Take care.

On 6/5/2018 7:00 PM, janet gross wrote:
Thank you for all this. Well, I currently pay for Apple Music at $9.99 per month. Now, Apple isn't all that bad, except for a few exceptions. I am interested in using unlimited Amazon music though at $9.99 per month, for the simple fact from what I read about Amazon, I could use Amazon Music with an Dot or an Echo, as well as with
my iOS Device, although, I will need to read a little more about this option.
Thank you again.
Janet s

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I'm not Marie, but here's my take on the two services, Amazon and
Googles music. As to which service offers more, maybe there's an actual
number that says that one offers slightly more music than the other, but
I think they're pretty comparable. The weird thing about Amazon though
is there seems to be two different parts of their service that offers
music, one of them is the one that comes with Amazon prime which is
kinda crappy in that it really doesn't have much to offer and then
there's the unlimited one that's the one you'd probably compare to Apple
music, google music, whatever. I don't recall exactly what we pay for
prime and what the crappier music thing was costing us but I know that
when my wife upgraded to the unlimited one, we're paying about the same
as what I pay for my google music subscription, so about 10 bucks a
month. I've never messed with the Amazon music stuff on my IOS device to
see how accessible it is with VO, but my wife is able to create
playlists, add and remove songs, play alboms, pretty much exactly the
same as I can on my google account. I might even say that Amazon's
ability to create a radio station from a song that you're listening to,
so to make a station of related music works better than it does on
google, but I tend not to use that feature as much on google.

While Amazon seems to work perfectly for my wife, something that was
pretty important to me and why I decided to go with google instead was
the inclusion of Youtube red as part of the google music plan. Since I
watch quite a bit of Youtube and red lets you watch it with no ads plus
it has a few other things too, I decided I liked it a little bit more.
It does sorta suck though that Google devices and Amazon devices don't
play friendly with each others services better, but I would definitely
recommend trying out the trials on both of the services either way to
see which one you might like.

On 6/5/2018 1:01 PM, janet gross wrote:
Hi Marie and all.
Ok Marie, time to whipe the egg off your face! Smile! You can correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you purchased Amazon's music? Can you tell me what you think about their music subscription? Such as do they have a large variety of music? So one could create their own play list? How much does it cost per month, or does it depend on different factors? I'm asking this because when I do purchase an Echo or Dot, I will more than likely also purchase Amazon music. I currently have Apple music on my phone, but will switch when I purchase the Echo or Dot. So if someone is using Amazon's music, would you please share your experience with me?
Thank you all!

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