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Keith S

some of the CGM units do allow the use of a smart phone to learn your results, but if it does that, it turns off the function to allow the CGM to communicate with the reader that comes with it, so your doctor cannot download the results  and assist you in finding trends and changing your medications, if any, you are taking.

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I'd herd that there were issues in accessibility with the pumps, but I'd of figured that at least one CGM device might come with some sort of speech. I'd thought about looking into something like this to help keep track of my levels, but then I was curious how hard it'd be to find one that would either speak the result to me or let me get the result through some other accessible means.

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A group of blind diabetics are embarking on attempts to get insulin infusion pump companies/manufacturers

to seriously consider implementing speech output for their devices. (This also includes

CGM technology, also known as Continuous Glucose Monitoring). In short, we all feel

it is a safety issue when using such devices, if we cannot see exactly what is going

on with the pumps and the CGM units. We have been given 2 websites, one for the Federal

House of Representatives

and the other for the Federal Senate groups that are in charge of ensuring diabetes

care is at it's best for Americans with this illness. If you care about accessability

to medical devices that diabetics use, as blind people, please contact the members

of both the House and the Senate websites and ask that accessability to diabetes

devices be improved in relation to blind Americans.

Congressional Diabetes Caucus (House of Representatives:

Senate Diabetes Caucus:

Caucus Members

Even if your Representatives and Senators from your states are not listed, please contact some of these folks to educate and encourage them to request pump and CGM manufacturers to include speech output for these devices. There are no laws forcing them to do so at the present time.

Thank You.

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