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I do go to the poll and cast my votes using the accessible voting machine, however, I have noticed that no one has mentioned online voting in this thread. This is a possibility in many areas now days.


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    It is the right of every voter rather to use an absentee ballit or to go out to the place and cast your vote.  I do agree that if you can you should go out and vote using the available voting technology thats is there for us to use.  If yoou do choose to vote by absentee ballit then you will have to tell somone how you want to vote and you have to trust them to vote the way that you want to vote.  They could say that did but they  did not and you would not know.  You think that you voted one way but you voted the other way.  You loose your independence in voting whear is your secret and private vote?  I am very greatful that I can finally vote in secret and private.  I do believe in being asertive in asking if and when your voting place will have accessable voting technology.  I do realise that people may not have transportation to the voting place so they might need to vote by absentee and that can't be helpt but if you can then you should go out and vote.

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Hi all,

No, it's not an over-reaction.  I keep hearing from various blind
people that they prefer to fill out an absentee ballot.  That's a
cop-out!  That is a deliberate and flagrant turning of one's back upon
all the advocacy efforts which have gone into providing a method so
that HAVA can be implemented.  It's not perfect, but it will go
absolutely nowhere if people allow the polling assistants to help them
or if they vote successfully using the BMD and don't let their polling
people know what was wrong with the experience. This is an important
issue.  Yes, go to the polling place and vote.

Perhaps I feel strongly about this, but a discussion of the technical
aspects of the various BMD's wouldn't be amiss here.

Hmmm, if you lived fifty miles from Seneca Falls, and you grew up
learning about Fredrick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony, and if you were
a woman, or black or an immigrant, or if your grandparents were
immigrants, you might feel differently.

Ann P.

Ann P.

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Overreaction much? He was just asking about voting in person.
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Hi all,
On the contrary, I would go to my voting precinct and ask to use the
BMD, (Ballot Marking Device).  Do not have someone help you unless
the drones there can't or won't allow you to use it.  Do not allow
them to :help you"
by marking your ballot for you.  Demand to use the BMD.  If you do
not do this, you will be put down as a statistic which shows that the
money spent on these devices is not needed.  Don't make it easy for
your county to moan and complain that they do not have to spend all
this money because people don't use the accessible voting machines. 
If you do, it sends a clear statistical message that BMD's are not
needed.  Do you want to hold back progress?  Do you want to make it
difficult for your fellow voters to vote?
Jim, both men and women have *died* so that you can vote.  Do *not*
discard their sacrifices without thought.  Vote and demand that they
give you an accessible and private way to do so.
One of the most moving things I ever witnessed on TV was the coverage
of the
2016 elections here in Rochester.  One of the news stories was how
flabbergasted the caretakers of Mount Hope Cemetery were when
twenty-thousand people showed up, stood in line in the rain to place
their "I voted" stickers on Susan B. Anthony's grave. 
Twenty-thousand people!
They didn't know how to handle it.
Ann P.
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