Re: reading DAISY format


So what you're saying is that if I had not mentioned a certain Daisy
player and instead mentioned a Victor Stream, then my message would
have been okay?

Sounds like there's something else going on here which is behind the
annoyance you and she experienced and really having nothing to do with
what I actually said in my message. There are recommendations of
devices being made all the time, yet it's my message which causes this
annoyance in yourself and Anne. Interesting. What would be a good word
to describe this behaviour, prejudice, bias, irrationality?

On 11/5/15, Aman Singer <> wrote:

I think what annoyed Ann, as it annoyed me a bit, about Laz's message
was that the whole message was basically a vehicle for the advertising
of a DAISY player which his company produces. The message was not
responsive to the original questioner's desire to read the book on the
PC, it was wrong in its statement about the NLS player failing to read
DAISY books, indeed, that's what the NLS player is for, the reading of
audio DAISY books with navigation between sections; the only thing it
does not do is to read text DAISY books. Further, the message gave no
information about the iPhone except that there should be a player for
the phone (there are at least four at least one of which reads text
and audio DAISY), it didn't help the user with her issue of reading
notes, and it didn't explicitly state that it was being written by
someone with a financial interest in the outcome of the poster's
decision. Frankly, I think Ann went a bit overboard on this, the best
way is to correct or add all the necessary information without
pointing out the particular person or message, in my respectful view,
but I didn't like the message either and can see where Ann was coming
from. I have sold adaptive tech before as well, and do understand that
people need to know about products, and that sellers need to earn a
livelihood. At the same time, though, people ask questions on lists to
get answers. If I can slip in a mention of my product, by all means,
but the point of the message is to help the person on the other end by
answering his question. That is particularly true when dealing with
info for the totally blind, which is often a pain to get. I also think
it important to make clear that I'm a seller, I hope I'm objective,
but the heart of man is desceptive and people need protection from my

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