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I have the app for the iPhone, but I assume what I say will work for iPad too.
When on the home screen tap on "add" then swipe till you hear "more."
It will give you a list of options like dropbox, bookshare,
instapaper,google drive, and a bunch of others.
Enable or turn on the selection for dropbox.
It should go right to the screen where you enter in your login information.
After you enter in that info it should let you browse what's in your folder.
There are two options you can use to navigate either "back" or
""close." I used to always use to hit close on accident so just
pointing this out. Back goes up in the folder list while close closes
the entire dialogue.

Hope that helps

On 6/10/18, Vicki W <> wrote:
If you have Dropbox on your computer and that is where your books are, just

place them in your Drop Box there and they will show up in the Drop Box app

on your device, assuming you have installed the Drop Box App on your IPad.

I'm not sure how to get them from the Drop Box App to Dream Reader, though.


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Good evening
I Purchased the app Voice dream reader last night, I am currently using the

latest iPad and someone mentioned on this email list about using dropbox to

put books in and I can use This app with the dropbox, not sure how to put

some of my MP3 books in the dropbox can somebody help me with this

Thank you Cathy

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