Re: UEB Braille code and restaurant menu inaccessibility

Evan Reese

Yup, we had one of those 145 volume Worldbook Encyclopedias at our school as well. It was in the library.
Also, in addition to the 31 or 2 volume Webster's dictionary which we had a few copies of in a few classrooms, we had a really good Webster's Collegiate dictionary that was 72 volumes. When I really wanted to get the scoop on a word, or it was a less used word, that one was the one to go to.
Now, with my Pac Mate, and a Compact Flash card, I could carry around all those volumes, and thousands more in my backpack. It's pretty cool, no doubt of that.

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Chief Gene, 145 volumes for a Braille Encyclopedia? BarJesus, I need five
bedrooms to load those on my shelf!

give me paperless Braille anyday! It has helped me to stop people from
LYING TO ME about Bible passages. When a passage is being referred to, I
ask for the specific book and chapter then I open to read it right there in
the presence of whomever is trying to bamboozle me.

UEB Braille? Not my beef, but I'll read it when push comes to shove! Since
I read in more than one language anyway, I'm not too concerned with what
English has chosen to do to Braille.

Denver, Colorado

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