Re: The latest iPad and dropbox


If you don't use the instructions I gave to add dropbox to voice dream
reader if you go into the dropbox app as usual and select the item you
want you can choose export and export it to voice dream reader.
The folders don't matter in either method. They only count if you want
to keep things organized.
I have a books folder and in that folder I have different folders for
genre. You could do by author, topic, or whatever.
If you add it to voice dream it will go faster. I used to do it that
way until I added it to the app.

On 6/10/18, Kathy Pingstock <> wrote:
Vicky do I have to create a folder or anything or just put them right in my
dropbox question Kathy
On Jun 10, 2018, at 6:49 PM, Vicki W <> wrote:

If you have Dropbox on your computer and that is where your books are,
just place them in your Drop Box there and they will show up in the Drop
Box app on your device, assuming you have installed the Drop Box App on
your IPad.

I'm not sure how to get them from the Drop Box App to Dream Reader,


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Good evening
I Purchased the app Voice dream reader last night, I am currently using
the latest iPad and someone mentioned on this email list about using
dropbox to put books in and I can use This app with the dropbox, not
sure how to put some of my MP3 books in the dropbox can somebody help me
with this

Thank you Cathy

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