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Rick Alfaro

Thanks Josh, great info. Please report back to us once you have had a chance to compare both displays side by side. A podcast or audio recording if you can do one would be awesome so we can hear both displays in action. I know the Orbit seems to be quite noisy so curious how it compares to the BrailleMe in that respect. Thanks.








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I was able to call national braille press and buy the new low cost braille me display. what is the difference between orbit reader20 and braille me? Below is a list.

The price: orbit20 costs $474 from american printing house for the blind that includes shipping. without shipping it is $449. Braille me costs $499 plus $16 shipping from national braille press. you have to call them and ask to purchase it so far.

refresh rate: orbit20 can take up to half a second or so to refresh its line of 8 dot 20 braille cells. braille me refreshes instantly just like the older piezoelectric displays.

cursor router buttons: orbit20 does not have cursor router buttons. braille me does in fact have cursor router buttons. So if you need a low cost braille device with cursor router buttons, go for braille me.

cursor: orbit20 shows its cursor with dots 7-8. braille me shows its cursor with either a full cell, dots 1-2-3-4-5-6. or by blinking the unused dots in the cell. like if you have the letter a with the cursor under it. dot 1 stays up, while dots 2-3-4-5-6 blink up and down.

files: braille me only accepts up to a 32gig sd card, only accept .txt brf and brl files. txt and brl files are editable. brf are read only. no size limit on read only brf files. 100kb size limit or about 1000 25 line line 40 cell braille page limit for braille me note taker for each file. but you can always make new editable brl files.

folders: orbit20 supports making new folders while braille me does not.

bookmarks: orbit20 lets you add your own bookmarks. braille me does not not yet but should be in a future update.

autoscroll: orbit20 does not have autoscroll, braille me does have this.

built in translator: orbit20 does not have a built in grade2 translator and back translator. braille me contains its own built in forward and back translators for multiple languages.

size: I hear braille me is a little bigger than orbit20 is... I am excited to try the braille me so i can compare it to the orbit20 and see which is my personal favorite. I bought my braille me a few hours ago and just got the UPS shipping notification an hour or so ago with the tracking number. So now we got two low cost displays out there. orbit20 and braille me.

Both orbit20 and braille me are great choices! Now you just have to ask yourself, which one do I want according to my personal needs? This is not to start a my display is better than your is, flame war on here… Its just to let you know hey braille me is out there, if you want it go call nbp and buy it. Nbp is national braille press.




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