Amazon music and roaming

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  This is an inquiry on behalf of my sister who is also blind.  Firstly I must inform you that I don’t have an Amazon Echo nor do I have a Amazon music subscription, nor do I have any inclination to obtain one; at least the subscription part that is and thus I have no idea about the accessibility or features involved so please forgive my ignorance. 


My sister has the echo and she has the Amazon music subscription, the cheap one, the one where you get 2 million songs.  She listens to the music via her echo but she would like to be able to play the music via her phone when not at home and doesn’t have access to her echo.  She has the Amazon App on her phone but when she is away from home she can’t play any music via her subscription.  Just as I am writing this it came to mind that maybe she has to authorise her phone to play the music.  If this is the case, how does she go about registering her phone for this purpose?  Is there anything else she should be aware of?  I’m assuming she can play her Amazon music while roaming or is that feature only available to more expensive subscriptions?  Any help would be appreciated and I’ll pass them on to her.  With thanks.  Walter.

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