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Sounds like a commercial to me...


On 6/21/18, Marie <> wrote:
It is a notification of current FS casts and if you tab around in the dialog

box, you will find a box to check to tell it not to continue with the

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Hi Nancy,

JAWS isn't advertising exactly. What's happening here is that JAWS is
notifying you about the latest episode of FSCast, the podcast from VFO.
This month's covers VFO's various convention specials.

If you don't want JAWS to notify you about future editions of FS Cast when
they are released, do the following:
1. Press JAWS key+6 to open Settings Centre.
2. Press control+shift+d to open the default settings.
3. Type "notify" without the quotes into the edit field you're currently in

and press enter.
4. Arrow down until you hear "Notify about new FS Casts", and press space to

uncheck the box.
5. Tab to the "Apply" button and press enter.
6. Tab to the "ok" button and press enter.



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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been discussed before. This morning, when I turned on my

computer, it took a bit longer to come up and when it did, I was presented
with what seemed to amount to a commercial for Jaws talking about lower
prices at the upcoming conventions and some other FS type news. Some weeks

back, it seems I remember something similar occurring.

I do not like this seeming intrusion into the usually smooth opening of my

Is there some kind of setting I can put in Jaws to keep this intrusion
from happening?

I am using win7 and jaws2018.

Thanks for helping me resolve this matter.


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