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If you do a Google search for stop google drive from running at boot up, you will see relevant results.  Here is one. 
See if the one or ones you want to try work and if the discussion of where to find things can be understood by a blind user.  The first suggestion says that the item is in the task bar.  This sounds like a case of a sighted person not knowing what to call something bewcause the person doesn't have to know.  Look in the system tray when following the first suggestion. 
Regarding Mike's suggestions, it is always better to see if such changes can be made in the program first. 

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Hi Donald,
I don't have Google Drive , so I can't say exactly how to stop it from starting at boot-up, but you can try 1 of the following:
Try this 1st:
1. Open the Run dialogue with the keystroke, Windows key + R.
2. Type, msconfig, and press enter to open System Configuration.
3. Control + tab to the Startup Page / Tab, and tab 1 time to get into the list of items.
4. Navigate this list, and if Google Drive is here and checked, un check it by pressing the spacebar.
5. Tab to the, Okay button, press the spacebar, tab to the, Restart button, and press enter to restart your computer for the changes to take affect.
1. Open the Start menu, and open All Programs.
2. Press the letter, S, until you get to the, Startup, folder & press enter or right arrow to open.
3. If you have a Google Drive icon in here delete it.
Take Care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: [TechTalk] Windows 7 question

Every time I boot my Windows 7 laptop, I get  a message which says "sign
into Google drive." I do not want to uninstall Google drive, but I do
not want it to start automatically.

I tried to search for startmenu options but couldn't find it.  So please
tell me where to go so as to uncheck Google drive from attempting to run
each time I boot the machine.


Don Roberts

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