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Amy Gordon

Anyone know how to clear cookies on crome? I'm having trouble getting
captus to play so was thinking that might help. Thanks

On 7/5/18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
As far as working with bookmarks is concerned, I think using a search book
marks feature is usually much more efficient. You don't have to organize
book marks if you have a lot and you want some sort of order to them and you
don't have to use first letter navigation which, depending on where
something is in a large list, may require pressing the first letter four,
six, or more times.

Firefox has a search book marks feature that is more convenient to use but
Chrome has one as well that works pretty well.

In chrome, be on the address bar.
Type some or all of what you are looking for.
If, for example, you are looking for the new york times, type something like
new york. You'll have to experiment.

A really annoying thing about the way this search works is that it often
shows the name as a web address so you don't hear the actual name. instead,
you hear the annoying http://www. and then the rest of the address.

The procedure is as follows:
Use control l both to be on the address bar or so that, even if you already
are, the material on the address bar is selected. Control l does both
things so that, no matter where you are in the program, you will then be on
the address bar and all material on it will be selected.
So it's control l. Then type what you want.
Then down arrow and see what the first result is. If it isn't what you
want, down arrow another time or two.
If you haven't found it, press escape and then control l again. Type what
you are looking for in a different variation and look down the list two or
three results, again. Repeat the procedure as many times as you want.
Remember never to press enter when doing this procedure unless you are on
the actual result you want to open in the browser.

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From: Gene
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Usually, either back space or alt left arrow works in browsers that follow
standard Windows conventions. Try alt left arrow.
Also, are you sure back space doesn't work? pages may be opening in new
To close a tab and return to the previous one, use either control w or
control f4. To move from one opened tab to another opened tab, use control

There is a way I think is better to work with bookmarks in most cases. I'll
discuss it in a later message.

For now, the way to open book marks in a more or less conventional book
marks menu is alt f.. Press alt and hold f, then type the letter b to move
to the book marks submenu. Press enter.

You would think that, after Chrome being out for a decade or more, someone
would have put a shortcut such as alt b into the program but I guess its
too much trouble.

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From: Eleni Vamvakari
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Google Chrome Questions

I have been using Google Chrome for a day now, and most of my problems
have been solved. I installed User Agent Switcher to make Facebook
appear as it does when I use Firefox. I just need to remember to
return the string to Chrome for other sites where Firefox may not work
as well. I realised that I hadn't set the homepage properly, so
that's why GMail looked different. It was GMail, but not my inbox. I
learned that, although my passwords didn't transfer correctly, my
bookmarks did. I just have to go to Firefox Bookmarks to retrieve
them. This brings me to one problem that I still have. Is there a
way to more easily access them instead of hitting alt+shift+b, then
tabbing to Imported from Firefox submenu? My final issue is that I
can't back out of sites. In Firefox, and in every other browser that
I've used, if I pressed backspace on most pages, it would take me back
to the previous page. This doesn't work in Chrome. So what is the
hotkey for this?


On 03/07/2018, Eleni Vamvakari <elvam2167@...> wrote:
I am saving this for future reference. I wasn't using the search
function, which doesn't always show files, even though I know they're
on the machine. I have actually read about this from others as well.
It has to do with the differences between Search in XP and 7.
Regardless, I was referring to Explorer in general. That is, any time
I have to find a folder or choose a file in a folder, it always causes
me trouble. The same happens when I save things, to the point that I
just save it somewhere on my flash drive and then copy and paste it to
the appropriate folder. NVDA has trouble reading as I tab around the
different fields in 7 in this instance, and I have no idea why.

On 03/07/2018, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't know how you are searching for things in Windows Explorer in
7. The search works well. I don't know what search you are using nor

But that isn't the fastest way to export the files. You can do it in
Firefox itself.

Open Firefox if it isn't.
Issue the command control shift b.
A window will open that will say something about library and I'm not
what else. It doesn't matter.
Open the menus. They are completely different menus than in the main
Firefox window.
Right arrow to import and backup.
Down arrow through the items until you get to export bookmarks to HTML.
Press enter and do whatever is appropriate.

You can close the window and return to the Firefox main window with alt
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From: Eleni Vamvakari
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Google Chrome Questions

Thank you. There is a bookmarks.html file in the C:\Documents and
Settings\Eleni2\Desktop\Portable Apps\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile
folder, but as usual, using Windows 7 and it's wonderful explorer gave
me too much of a headache to delve deeply into it. Still, I will try
it if nothing else works. I might just download the XP version of
Chrome Portable, import them there, and then copy that profile into
the 7 version of Chrome. That would probably be the quickest and
easiest way for me to do it. But I didn't realise that passwords were
also saved in that file. I thought that would be something like

On 03/07/2018, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
You could have exported bookmarks from firefox as an html file and
them into Chrome as an HTML file. I don't know what that does in terms
organization of book marks. If you have them in folders or in a
order that matters, you may loose that organization.

It sounds to me as though you may be making things more difficult than
need to be. You can use whatever version of Firefox you want with
sites you want to use it with and Chrome on others.

Chrome has a lot of add ons. I don't know how accessibility of add ons
compares with accessibility of Firefox add ons.

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From: Eleni Vamvakari
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Subject: [TechTalk] Google Chrome Questions

Please forgive the long message, but I have a story and a few
questions. Many people have mentioned that they use Google Chrome
with NVDA. So I have decided to try it, since I want something
lighter and faster than Firefox. More importantly, Firefox no longer
works completely with Ebay. That is, I cannot sort items according to
price, distance, etc. Even my sighted friend couldn't do it, and both
of us were using Firefox on Windows 7! I also had a problem shopping
with Iherb, since I couldn't click on a link that I needed to purchase
my items. I heard that some people had issues with Firefox and
Paypal, but when I checked their site with the link they gave, it said
that my version was okay to use with the new changes. So I'm not sure
if this is an accessibility issue or if something else is going on.
Plus, Quantum breaks compatibility with several important ad-ons that
I use, and I refuse to upgrade to it because of this.

Anyway, I always use portable versions of software whenever possible,
so the only practical way that I could find to import my bookmarks
into Chrome was to sign up with Firefox Sync with my portable copy,
download the full version of the browser, and sign in there. I did,
and everything was saved. But when I transferred it to Chrome, I
found that nothing had saved, even though I told it to import
bookmarks, passwords, and preferences. Thankfully, I was able to
download an add-on called Password Exporter (not compatible with
Quantum) so I could save my passwords to a file and manually fill them
in with Chrome. But this was annoying! Why did it do that? Also,
why does my GMail page look completely different on Chrome than on
Firefox? I am still using the Basic HTML one, but now, I can't find
the edit box to search for things, and there is a search with voice
option on the page. Where can I find keyboard shortcuts to use with
Chrome? I read about and downloaded something called Chromium, which
is similar, but which allows users to download ad-ons not created by
Google. This is extremely important to me, as I want to find various
things for accessibility, like something to declutter pages, and
something similar to Navigational Sounds, so that I can be made aware
of various things like downloads completing. Is Chromium as secure as

Finally, can anyone recommend any other accessible browsers that I can
try with Windows 7? I would prefer something portable, light, and
fast, that doesn't use a large amount of memory or freeze all the
time, like Firefox has been doing for several versions now!


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