Mesh Networks and app accessibility?

Leedy Diane Bomar

I currently have a Luma mesh network, but do not like the fact that I cannot set it up independently. The app requires that one look at a house diagram and tap on the area for each hub. Also, the app says that the network is enabled, even when it is not, because the color of the message changes depending upon if the network really is or is not enabled. Yesterday we had a power outage, which caused the network to go down and must be reset, depending on if the light ring is spinning, light is blinking, or light is solid blue! Last year when I purchased this device, it included free installation, which I took advantage of, but do not have visual assistance to set it back up.

I am really ticked off that the manufacturer CHOSE to make setting up this device with the assumption that everyone is sight dependent.  I am hoping that one of you can recommend a mesh network that can be independently set up non-visually.I am so tired of being excluded by developers!

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