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Hi Gene:

I definitely agree with you! Most blind people have to learn to use
the internet well on their own and that's a shame!

I use that command a lot too.

VictorOn 11/6/15, Gene <> wrote:

You won't lose your place if you use shift enter to follow a link. That
command opens a link in a new Window and you can close that window when you
are finished on the page and be right back where you were on the original
page. I use the command a lot, when following a link to a Google result
when I think I might want to look at more result pages, when reading an
article where I want to read more articles, such as editorials, for example.
In short, I use the command whenever I intend to go back to the previous
page. It doesn't matter what screen-reader you use. It doesn't matter if
you don't use a screen-reader at all. You keep your place on the previous
page and can go back to that page by closing the new window. It's
unfortunate that such things aren't routinely taught to blind Internet users
and emphasized. I don't consider a lot of Internet instruction blind people
get to be adequate.

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Subject: [TechTalk] firefox going back to top of page

i go nomail on theese lists and peruse the archives daily with ie-8
and every time i open a message, using message view, i read it, go back
to previous page, and land on the same message heading, so i can keep
tabbing through the list. tried it with latest firefox, and when you hit
previous page you land and the top of the page every time, is there a
setting to fix this, or perhapse, a window-eyes 9.2 setting to tweek,

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