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Leedy Diane Bomar

Maybe this does not happen in the wild because of space and freedom. While in a cage, mom may feel trapped and instinct implies that there is not plentiful food. In our case, it was hard to tell what gender they were. I turns out there was one of each, and shared a cage. We didn’t even know that the female was expecting, till she gave birth and was eating her young, or trying to push them out of the wires.

Know the signs, is the best advice I can offer.

 Diane Bomar

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My girlfriend and I had one once a number of years ago, for a little while. I can’t see what the appeal is for a pet, aside from the fact that they are cute and cuttly, they’re messy creatures. Ours kicked his pellets and grass and such all over the floor, and when we let the little bugger out to roam, he chewed everything in site, including 3 remote controls and my big toe, lol, can you say stew Boys and girls, bet you can. Just kidding, not not the pet for me. Get a kitty cat.


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Rabbit soaked in buttermilk  and made with some good seasoning is a tasty treat. Hey, everyone loves bacon and pigs are basically dogs so…

Anyway, back on topic… Rabbits can be very territorial

And don’t’ be surprised if the male starts spraying. That and females will absolutely eat their young.


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Oh no, that is disgusting!  How could you eat your beloved pet?


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  1. Feed him tons of carrots.
  2.  When your son moves out, cook him with carrots, potatos, and lots of seasoning.
  3.  You could always fry him and make some potatos and gravy.
  4.  LOL


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Not sure else where to post this since there are no blind pet owners lists at least none I found… I only saw stuff like guide dogs lists… I just bought my 11-year-old son who is sighted, a pet rabbit. And it seems quite easy to take care of for him. It peed on him and the sofa a little so I just sprayed some general purpose cleaning stuff on it and he changed his clothes. It's still a baby bunny yet, though. But I wonder if you can somehow put small bells on bunny rabbits so if you let them out of their cage you know where they are at? Or if its best just to put them on a small leash and walk them around outside so if its on a leash you always know where it is at? And the bunny rabbit waste gets collected in a tray under the wire cage and you just dump it out in the backyard. And rabbits are quiet, generally don't need expensive vet visits, and are fluffy like stuffed animals. They are also affordable and so is the stuff to care for them is also affordable. But just wondering once my son gets older and moves out, I wonder if rabbits could be slightly or would have to be adapted a little so perhaps they also would make good pets for someone who is totally blind? They also do not stink or smell bad at all. They have a pleasant smell to them I think. And rabbits can also be trained to go in a litter-box like a cat. The rabbit he has is a french angora rabbit. One of the really big fluffy ones, or it will be once it grows up and is not a baby anymore. It's quite soft and fluffy and nice like a extra super-fluffy stuffed animal that's of course alive. The only sound I hear from my son's rabbit is when he jumps around in the cage and plays with his 4 or so toys I bought for my son for the rabbit, and that sound he makes when playing, just sounds like a quiet pin-setter machine at a bowling alley because of how the cage is made. The whole setup plus the rabbit only cost around $160 or so. So what do you all think?




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