Re: Energrid Accessible Portable Power Bank and Charger,

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Eleni, my power bank will charge virtually anything I throw at it. I
don't have what I need to charge a laptop though I am in the market for one
and it's so nice that you mentioned it. My laptop is ancient, more than
five years old now, a Sony toy. No, it doesn't have a USBC slot!

I had searched for an adapter I could use to charge it using my power bank;
all I found were YouTube videos that I couldn't make sense of since I can't
see what type of cable is being used.

This Energrid Accessible Portable Power Bank and Charger has only 15,000mAh
and would only charge two devices simultaneously. I can charge FOUR devices
simultaneously on the 26,000mAh that I have. It doesn't talk, but otherwise
fully accessible!

Denver, Colorado

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