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Pamela Dominguez

Mine that I think I got from Laz a long time ago, will charge anything that fits. Pam.

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I got my powerbank for $80, though it usually costs more. However, it
also charges laptops with ten AC adapter tips, if I remember
correctly, as well as my phone and my hotspot via a usb port (they use
the same kind of tip). I think this one for the blind only works with
phones or small devices. What about yours, Olusegun? I apologise if
we have gotten off-topic. I am sure that those who own this new
powerbank will answer here.

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Sis Heather wrote in part:

"75 dollars seems to be quite a lot just to have a talking battery!"

My thoughts exactly. But again, I am a silly lucky brat! When I plug my
devices into my 26,000 mAh power bank, I hear my phone announce:
and it tells me how much battery power I have left. Then it updates me as
the charging chugs along ... Example: 20% backup, 53% backup, etc. When
full charge is attained, it turns on my devices and tells me 100% backup.
Then at intervals, I hear an announcement like this: "Battery is full,
please unplug charger." I can charge four devices at once! Oh, my power
bank also can function as a flashlight and since I still have some light
perception left, it's great.

Oh well, it's a power bank made for the blind, a niche market and the cost
needs to be high enough so I can't buy one or even accept one as present
since what I find in the open market that DOES NOT TALK or VIBRATE is
working satisfactorily for me. I'm a brat though, and a lucky one at best!

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