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brian, As you've posted earlier about list rules most common in
different lists you belong to then you must be aware that two subjects
which are not welcome on many lists are politics and religion. These
two subjects as well as being off topic for this list, can wreak havoc
on any lists due to the many varied and slanted viewpoints which are
strongly held by individuals. This list is very easy-going when it
comes to topics and one should police one's own messages so as to not
cause upset or discord amongst its membership. I am not going to
address the false statements about how Americans weren't able to get
health care until Obamacare came along which BTW has been penalizing
my wife about $800 per year since its inception because she can't
afford to pay for her own Obamacare plan. Even before Obamacare any
indigent could show up at a hospital and receive needed health care
and that was the reason given for why an aspirin cost $50 if you had
health insurance. But that false statement you made about Obamacare
was something you must have read somewhere and obviously since you
reside either in Canada or the UK don't have first-hand knowledge of.

Now if we could please get back to the purpose of this list...

laz List moderator

On 7/25/18, Brian K. Lingard <> wrote:
Dear Gene & List:

Have been told by at least one Federation State President, that while ACB
and NFB National get alone like TNT and a lit match, in some states,
for one, ACB and NFB agree on many issues and work together to resolve

You neglected to mention the antics of the G. O. P. House during the Obama
administration, reflexively disliking anything the President proposed.

Certainly hope all the folks who can no longer afford adequate Health
Insurance remember to register and present themselves at their Polling
on Election Day in America 2018 and especially 2020.

If I could, would run some Public Service Announcements where a bunch of
Average Americans, white, black, yellow and red all say they cannot bother
to vote.

Then show who wins the election: A horned devil with a tail and a very
unfriendly dog to ensure no one sneaks out the gate to his place of

Of course the Satanist Party of America would say I am picking on their
deity, proceed to the U. S. Courthouse to obtain an injunction to require
to stop my ad campaign.

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More NFB bashing. I have written about this before.

I have never seen you make one positive comment about any blindness

Have you read the reasons the NFB opposed description on television? I
think they were self-defeating, with incorrect premises and bad reasoning.
However, the NFB does not behave like a five-year-old and oppose something
just because the ACB is in favor of it. Are you aware that, many years
the NFB and ACB started working more on certain projects they both agree
I do not follow blindness organizations much these days, but I remember
this change occurred because it was such a contrast to the lack of
cooperation in the past. In addition, as I recall, this movement occurred
at about the same time as the description on television controversy.

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That is the source of the problem.

The NFB fought against described tv, largely I think because the ACB was
fighting to have it.

The NFB went to congress and said blind folk did not need it in effect.

The good progress begun to have description stalled because of the NFB.

On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, Gerald Levy wrote:

If you feel so strongly that the major TV networks are engaging in
discrimination against blind viewers, then you should contact one of the
blindness advocacy groups and express your outrage and demand that they


From: Gene
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And programs available online from the major networks, CBS, NBC, PBS, I
understand ABC already does this, should have description available on
In the nineties and early 2000's, the emphasis was rightly on television
broadcasts because that was how most people got television. Now, any
network that does not make material they broadcast described on the network
available described online is engaging in blatant discrimination since
increasingly, content is viewed on line. Not to mention that over air
broadcasts may be interrupted for news events, weather alerts, or technical
difficulties at a station or problems with the station receiving the
described stream for this or that episode of something. Yet I never hear a
word about this from organizations like ACB, which fought for years for
broadcast description.

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From: Victor
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Hi Jean:

Sadly, I agree. This was well intentioned, but on sustainable. The goal
should be to make Hulu and Netflix accessible rather than trying to keep
something like Blind going. They need to make Amazon prime accessible
as well.


On Jul 23, 2018, at 11:16 AM, Gene <
<> > wrote:

So much for another well-intentioned, unsustainable service.

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From: Evan Reese
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Well, I have all five channels bookmarked here, but the Sci-Fi channel
has not
worked for many months. I wrote to them a few months ago asking them if
were going to restore it, but I got no response. Now the Drama channel
Sounds like maybe they are just letting it run itself and they are not
to fix the channels when they eventually quit.

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From: Nancy Hill
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 1:05 AM
To: TechTalk
Subject: [TechTalk] Blindy.TV

Hi All, does anyone else listen to the shows on Blindy.TV? It seems
like their channel for Drama has not been working for over a week now.
I have written to them to inquire, but have heard nothing.

Does anyone have any info on what is going on?

Thanks Muchly,


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