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I don't know what version of Firefox you are using.  Save the file.  Open the NVDA menus, find add ons manager and press enter.  Look around.  If you have more questions, ask here.  You should be able to install the add on using the add ons manager.  You should be able to press enter on the add on as well.  If the extension isn't correct, change it to the correct extension and then press enter on the file or use the add ons manager.
If you are using a portable version of NVDA, you must use the add ons manager. 

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Hmm, I pasted the link into Firefox and it asked if I wanted to save the
file or open it.  Saving it just downloaded another copy of Webvism. 
The open with option wants me to tell Windows what to use to open the link.

I'm obviously missing something here.

Lisa Belville

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