Re: Office 365 excel and naming columns?

Michael Mote

Hi Adam!  If you are using the desktop App, and are using JAWS.  I would do the following:

  1. In a spreadsheet, make sure you are on the row that contains the column names.
  2. Now, use the quick settings to make sure that the define name row and title override option is set to off.  Press Insert plus the letter V to pull up the JAWS quick settings.  Excel must have focus.
  3. Once you have made the change, press the applications key, and use the up arrow key to locate the define name option.  Press enter to activate it.

Type the following, Title.. followed by the last cell that has date on your spreadsheet.  For example.  Title..F10, with F10 representing the last cell that has data in your sheet.  Note the letter T in Title should be capitalized.  Hopefully this works for you.  Good luck. 


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atug office 365 excel define name query.
Hi all,
I used to be able to use ctrl 3 to define the name for columns so if you have columns across the top of a sheet you could tell which column you were on
if you were a few rows down.
This doesn't seem to work any more.
Does anyone know if this has been changed in office and if so the new command?
I realise I can do the same thing in Jaws but the other way was screen reader generic.


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