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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Gene, maybe by all estimations, I am at the lowest end of the frequency
spectrum! Be that as it may, those I interact with, sighted or blind, treat
me with respect. Whether or not any humor makes sense, it depends on who's
interpreting the said humor and how comfortable such a one is with whatever
interpretation is derived from the individual's thought process. I feel
comfortable with what I do and I am NOT DIMINISHED in any way on the basis
of how I elect to approach anything. That which is nice and good for you
may not necessarily be the same for me. In that wise, we won't be reading
from the same page.

Again, I can't stress this enough: I speak of and for myself when I share
my views on this subject. I am a co-equal with all the sighted folks I
interact with. For me, it does not matter where my path and that of a
sighted person crosses! Recently at Chicago's OHare, I had so much fun
hanging around the pilot and air hostesses of a Spirit Airline flight that
got me there from my coveted bush. Upon return to my base, I had the same
fun with the pilot and hosts/hostesses of a United Airlines flight. Perhaps
I delve into things most blind folks won't think about. Sadly, I love to
learn a thing or two about anything that captures my interest. Example, how
does FAA give directions to airlines when they come in to land or when they
are hanging out in the air? This curiosity got me into the FAA offices in
my coveted bush's airport! I learned far more than I thought I knew in 20
minutes! These oficers are fantastic and i applaud them for what they do.

I just read a satirical humor posted by Mr. Canazzi; was he engaging in self
deprecating humor? It didn't come across to me that way, in fact, I like
what he had to say.

It's all about how you choose to have your steak made; some prefer it
medium-rear; as for me, NO THANKS, always well-done! And yes, when it is
brought to the table and served, I shall check ten times to be sure it is
well done and I don't care whether or not you're standing there with 55 eyes
watching me! It also does not matter who's paying for the steak dinner. I
doubt if any of my successes shall have happened if I waste my time and
energy engaging in self deprecating humor. I consider all to be a friend,
brother or sister; whether or not anyone chooses to accord me a similar
honor is a decision I can't make for any individual.

Denver, Colorado

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