Re: Jaws and dating sites

Rob Hudson

Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
No, Ron wasn't engaging in selfdepricating humor. Selfdepricating humor is where you put yourself down to get a laugh or make others feel more comfortable.
The only time I do that is when i'm with people with whom I am comfortable already. You see this kind of humor all the time in various handicap groups, among the overweight, and of course, in certain racial circles. Basically, in any minority group that tends to be persecuted by societal norms or is otherwise within a few deviations of medium.
Sometimes, it really is genuine; the person isn't actually trying to put themselves down because of bad self-esteem. Making light of a situation, trying to make it less severe, can be therapeutic. Like when you are blind and you walk into a pole. You can cry about it, or you can laugh and say "gee, I did not see that there. You'd think I'd learn to open my eyes by now. However, You are right, Gene, in that sometimes such self-depricating humor can go a little too far.

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