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john s

Gene, thanks.  I'll take a look.

At 07:02 AM 8/9/2018, Gene, wrote:
If you do a Google search for Chrome shortcut keys, you will see a lot of entries concerning that subject.  I haven't looked at pages and I can't recommend any.  But you should find many accessible pages.
There are some shortcut keys you may want to know but in general, if you already know how to use shortcut keys for common tasks in other browsers, the same keys are used.  Control d opens the save book mark dialog.  Control j opens the download dialog.  Alt f, press and hold alt, then type f, opens the only menu in the program.  There are submenus but that's the only main menu. 
As you up and down arrow in the main menu, you will hear shortccut commands.  I don't think control commands are announced, however.  Control takes you to the address bar, I forgot to mention that one before.
Also, I have been calling these things dialogs.  Chrome doesn't use dialogs for most of these structures, they are displayed as web pages.  Do you know how to use Chrome in general?  That is much more important to learn when you are beginning than to look at a long list of short cut commands.  I believe a list member has created a tutorial for Chrome.  If you want it, ask here and the person will send it to you. 
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Does anyone have the Chrome shortcut keys in text format?  I saw an
article in the help center about learning shortcut keys but it must
have been graphics because I couldn't read it.



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