Re: Jaws and dating sites


You are quite welcome. It helps to share experiences with other blind
people ... google doesn't always help that is for sure.
I would suggest, if you didn't already do this, to make and use a
google voice number for online dating. The iOS app for GV is pretty
accessible and it is free. I don't use it for complicated stuff so I
guess that is why it is easy to use. I like how i can check it using
my computer. I would hear the notification sound on my phone and
wouldn't have to stop what I was doing to check it on my phone.

On 8/8/18, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...> wrote:
Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I greatly appreciate
it and I have to admit, I'm a lot like you. I can usually tell when
someone is a scammer or they aren't. The only time it happened to me
was when someone said how much do you make at work and he also had a
different area code than me and that's a red flag in my opinion. I
ignored this guy and moved on. I didn't even know him and he asked me
how much I made. He was also in another country and he said he was
retiring from the service next year. I just don't trust a lot of
people. I like to start by getting to know them. I have been doing
this for many years. I'll keep you posted after I try it.


On 8/7/2018 9:45 PM, Missa wrote:
I admit that I don't have a lot of experience with OKC. I never ran
into that problem with the few guys I talked to I also limited my
search to 20 miles of where I live and narrowed it down more when it
came to what sort of relationship I was looking for. I would see about
looking up how to work your profile. You know how they say to look
alert when walking out to your car alone at night? I know that doesn't
always count for a blind person, but the essence is the same. If you
look confident and alert the scammers will pass you by since you won't
look like an easy mark.
I did get a few messages that might've led that way on match, but I
cut those off quick.
I've been blind for 11 years and the years I wasn't I spent the bulk
of that on the internet. I was either playing online games or chatting
so I had a sort of scam/asshole detector going on. Match helped me
re-engage that since I hadn't been on the internet much since I lost
my sight.... It's not fair to think each potential guy is a scammer,
but I'd rather be safe than sorry again. A bad relationship decision
was pretty much a big reason I lost my sight in the first place. I
used to attract jerks, lol.
I think reading profiles can give you a good idea of the person. I
would skip profiles where they used bad grammar, "lol" a lot, and just
things like that. I also used to pay attention to the amount of
pictures they had on their profile. I know I couldn't see them, but if
there was only one or two that made me think. In this day and age it
is too easy to take a picture. Heck even I take a lot of pictures and
I'm totally blind.
With match profiles I noticed that some would copy and paste the exact
same paragraph or two so I would skip them. You just get a feel for it
I guess? I would say read the questionss, but some guys don't update
their answers. I took note of some answers and asked my boyfriend
about his answer ... his reply was that he hadn't updated them since
he created his acount years ago. hah So, get some answer/questions and
ask the person messaging you. I'd think that would be a good way to
see because you can't change your answers for 24 hours I think.
My sister, years ago, ran into a scam from an dating app. I forget
what it was called... it had to do with wire transfers and Nigeria.
When she told me about it I couldn't believe it because the word
"Nigeria" would have set off air raid sirens in my head.I won't go
into what all happened with her, but I made her get everything related
to it and report it to the FBI.
If there is any mention of money, needing this or that, or anything
not related to getting to know someone and wanting something I'd ditch
it and move on. I know as a blind person pickings are slim, but there
is no reason to settle ... ever. I wouldn't ditch it right away, but
give them time to redeem or hang themselves.
As I said I talk a lot.... I did a lot of research before I even
created accounts. I looked up how to fill out my profile, what to
include or not include in it, ways to word it, and things like that. I
also looked up how to message people and how it might go. I was really
out of the game when it came to messaging people who weren't my
family/close friends. I started with the 7 day trial with Match, was
suckered into paying for a month, and moved on to the next app which
was OKC.
It is tempting to run ahead and get things right now, but I prefer to
be prepared before I go into any endevor.
I'm in no way an expert since I was very fortunate to find someone
interesting within a couple of months, but a little info is still some
info.I know what to do, for the most part, if I have to do it all over
On 8/7/18, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...> wrote:
Thanks so much for all of your help. I do have one question, do you
notice with ok cupid that there are a lot of scam artists asking for
money? They sound really good on their profiles and then you come to
realize they are not who they say they are? My friend has found quite a
few scam artists on there from different countries. Thanks again.


On 8/6/2018 6:02 PM, Missa wrote:
I switch back and forth between the mobile ( and the
desktop site. It depends on what you are wanting to do. I had to mess
around wwith it a bit to be able to respond to messages I got with
likes. They changed it so that messages don't go through unless both
parties like each other. That can be frustrating when you get a
notification that someone liked and messaged you.... I used those
sites coupled with the iOS app. I had to turn VO off to swipe though
to get to the profiles that also messaged/liked me. It takes trial and
error, but I was mostly satisfied with it.
I can read profiles and the questions just fine. You have to go from
the top a lot of the times because of the way their site is
programmed.... navigating by single letter doesn't always work either.
I do some searching with find too.
On 8/6/18, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...> wrote:
I tried okcupid a few years ago and I couldn't get anywhere with it.
had trouble navigating the site. I would rather do free ones because
when they see that I'm blind in my profile, I don't get many
I have been on pof now for over a year and have found nothing. I can
read profiles really well and I can also send messages with no
Is ok cupid like that? Thanks everyone for your comments.


On 8/5/2018 9:16 AM, Missa wrote:
Match was helpful to me after I mention I was blind… however their
interface is clunkky, not very helpful, and I noticed a bunch of spam
Plus I found it expensive for what little I got out of it… I never
past the initial survey for harmony site, Using my iPhone or my
with NVDA. I did not think about using jaws or narrator. I used
didn’t pay for it though and it seem to have worked for me. There are
things that didn’t work for me and I haven’t seen if those things
been fixed lately with the iOS app. I would switch back and forth
the mobile site when I used it on my computer.
I put that I am blind in my profile. I felt that it would be a sort
deception on my part if I did not disclose that at first. I did not
lot of responses when I sent them out, but I figured I would weed
to begin with. I still got some interest from other people, but I did
use it for very long before I found the person I am currently seeing.
have not experimented with it more since I started with back in

On Aug 3, 2018, at 3:52 PM, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...>

Hi Everyone:

Does any of you know if Jaws works well with dating sites and if so,
which ones do you think are the best? I have tried some and you
put in a code that you see on the screen and Jaws doesn't work with
or any screen reader for that matter. A lot of dating sites seem
be willing to help people with disabilities. Thanks in advance for



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