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I understand what you're saying. You've been fortunate with what you
are doing. I think a lot of that might be due to the fact you are a
man. Women are nurturers and I won't get started about how men can get
preferential treatement when it comes to working.
When I went to set up my first profile I did my pictures first and got
a lot of attention/likes. I didn't disclose I was blind and would talk
to the guys ... after a while when it came to discussing possibly
meeting I mentioned that I was blind. I had a couple of guys keep
talking, but the rest ghosted on me.
When I set up my account on OKC I made sure it was in my profile. I
didn't get as many responses as I had when I didn't mention that I was
blind, but the few that did didn't see it as a problem. I guess it may
be the line I had where I mentioned that I would need someone up for
the challenge dating me would present. I dunno I thought it clever. I
personally try to think of stuff I need to do as a challenge to figure
out how to get it done rather than something to over come.
I'm constantly making jokes, I used to do this before I lost my sight,
but since then it gave me more material.. I make sure that the people
I'm talking to know full well that I am capable of whatever I am
doing, not just dating or whatever, before I pull out the stupid
jokes. I'm a bit of a goofball.... so if someone says "do you see
this over here?" I'll answer with no ... what's it look like? Or if a
trainer is demostrating an exercise I'll ask them to do it again. It
also works if they ask the group if they know what an exercise is and
I say no, please show me.... I save that one for the hard exercises
though--most people are my friends and are prepared when it comes to
my sense of humor.
I always like when someone informs me I'm blind. I like to act really
shocked and say ... nooo? really??

On 8/8/18, chris judge <chrisjudge1967@...> wrote:
Unfortunately this can be the case, which is why I never disclose that I'm
blind on dating profiles, job applications, etc. Try taking this fact out of
your profile and letting somebody get to know you a bit. You might be
pleasantly surprised. Not everybody is turned off by blindness.

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I tried okcupid a few years ago and I couldn't get anywhere with it. I had
trouble navigating the site. I would rather do free ones because when they
see that I'm blind in my profile, I don't get many responses. I have been on
pof now for over a year and have found nothing. I can read profiles really
well and I can also send messages with no problem. Is ok cupid like that?
Thanks everyone for your comments.


On 8/5/2018 9:16 AM, Missa wrote:
Match was helpful to me after I mention I was blind… however their
interface is clunkky, not very helpful, and I noticed a bunch of spam bot.
Plus I found it expensive for what little I got out of it… I never got
past the initial survey for harmony site, Using my iPhone or my computer
with NVDA. I did not think about using jaws or narrator. I used OkCupid. I
didn’t pay for it though and it seem to have worked for me. There are some
things that didn’t work for me and I haven’t seen if those things have
been fixed lately with the iOS app. I would switch back and forth between
the mobile site when I used it on my computer.
I put that I am blind in my profile. I felt that it would be a sort of
deception on my part if I did not disclose that at first. I did not get a
lot of responses when I sent them out, but I figured I would weed them out
to begin with. I still got some interest from other people, but I did not
use it for very long before I found the person I am currently seeing. So I
have not experimented with it more since I started with back in March.

On Aug 3, 2018, at 3:52 PM, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone:

Does any of you know if Jaws works well with dating sites and if so,
which ones do you think are the best? I have tried some and you have to
put in a code that you see on the screen and Jaws doesn't work with that
or any screen reader for that matter. A lot of dating sites seem not to
be willing to help people with disabilities. Thanks in advance for any


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