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I don't know why the option isn't available in your application.  It should be.  I just went online with my Windows 7 machine, opened the application, found a folder, and checked.
In the context menu, are two items, share and share with.

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There are no other Dropbox-related choices on the context menu for a Dropbox folder than "Copy Dropbox link" and "View on" If one wants to share a Dropbox folder with another person, a visit to the Dropbox Website and a login to one's account is an absolute requirement, which of course can be accomplished by activating the aforementioned view-on link..

On 8/8/2018 10:41 AM, Gene wrote:
You don't have to use your account, as I recall.  I looked at this quite some time ago.  Open the Drop Box files and folders list on your computer.  Find the folder you want to work with.  Open the context menu and look around.  Whenever you want to do things don't just look in the standard menus and at times there may be none.  Look in the context menu.  Things are more likely to be there of this nature. 
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Log in to your Dropbox account, find the directory or file you want to share, and activate the "Share" link. Of course, if you want to share a file that's inside a directory, you have to open that directory first, locate the file, then activate "Share." . Next, enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the file or directory, type an optional message, and activate the "Share" button.


On 8/8/2018 6:06 AM, Fanus wrote:
Hello listers
Can someone please explain the steps for creating a dropbox folder which I can use to share its contents with a specific person? I looked through the menus but I can not find an option to create such a folder.

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