Re: Installing batteries in hearing aids.

Jim Rawls

Barbara, I'm not sure why you are having trouble getting the battery into the hearing door for sure, I had trouble too at first. First of all, make sure you are at a counter or table, so if the battery slips out of your hand, it won't fall on the floor, making it impossible to find. Generally, I grip the battery between the thumb and index finger of my right hand. In my hearing aid, the battery fits in its slot and looks like a wheel standing up. In some hearing aids, the battery fits in its slot like the slot is a little cup that the battery sits flat into. If you are brand new to this, have your husband work with you a few times and gradually you'll get used to getting that battery in. hope that helps. Jim

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Good morning listers. I am a brand new user of hearing aids. I am totally blind and am experiencing difficulty installing the batteries. Do any of you who use hearing aids have any tips or tricks that might help me out? I know which way the battery has to go but I can’t seem to get it in to the proper place. I don’t want to break the battery door on the hearing aids.

Thank you very much for any response. I look forward to hearing what some of you do to resolve this issue.


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