Re: Installing batteries in hearing aids.

Barb O'Connor

Gerald, I am using the 312 batteries. We had hoped to be able to use the 13, but, the hearing aids that I have do not accommodate that size. What it’s going to take his practice, practice, practice. I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do.

Jim, my hearing aid batteries stand up like the wheel. I just can’t seem to find the right spot to put it in. I think I have to get over the fear of breaking that door.

Thanks for the subscription Info, Gerald. I have successfully been subscribed to that list.


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No, the address for subscribing to the Blind Hearing Aid Users list has not changed, so I don't understand why the message you sent to subscribe would bounce back as undeliverable. Again, the correct address is:


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Gerald, I just tried to sign up for the hearing aid list and the message bounced back as undeliverable. Has the address changed? Jim

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Barb, what size batteries do your hearing aids use? I can tell you from
personal experience that it can sometimes be difficult to install smaller
size batteries like size 312 and size 10 without damaging the fragile and
delicate battery door. Larger size 13 and 675 batteries are generally
easier to insert into the battery door by touch because the door is larger
and more robustly designed. I suggest that you ask your audiologist to show
you the proper technique for inserting a battery into the battery door and
removing it for replacement. I also invite you to join the Blind Hearing
Aid Users email list, one of whose members is a blind audiologist who may be
able to offer suggestions for dealing with your battery handling issue. To
subscribe, send a blank message to:


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Good morning listers. I am a brand new user of hearing aids. I am totally
blind and am experiencing difficulty installing the batteries. Do any of you
who use hearing aids have any tips or tricks that might help me out? I know
which way the battery has to go but I can’t seem to get it in to the proper
place. I don’t want to break the battery door on the hearing aids.

Thank you very much for any response. I look forward to hearing what some of
you do to resolve this issue.


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