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It came through one time. I who happen to be the owner of the
blind-bst list, locked the topic, put Victor on moderated status, and
so it only came through that one time. there was one reply to it from
a friend of Victor who let the list know that he had contacted Victor
and hopefully Victor will handle it. It's a handled thing.


On 8/16/18, chris judge <> wrote:
Yes, it looks like it's coming through the blind buy and sell address.

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Morning all,

I just got a new scam! Life is so fun! This one starts out with a sad sob
storry about somebody who is broke, and her sister has to have a gall
bladder operation, and the money has to be paid to the doctor immediately.

Of course this is complete and utter rot. The hospital would bill the
patient and he or she would have thirty days to pay or make arrangements
payment. Believe me, as one who is now confronted by paperwork from my own
local hospital, I know how this works.

So, if you get this scam, delete it. It's just one of the ever-changing,
ever-growing scams on the net. It was signed by somebody I don't even

Ann P.

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