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Dave Mitchel

I would have better luck geting service from canada than from seattle. the Olympic Mountains are blocking signals here.

From: Mary Otten
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I'm in a good-sized town, but I'm not in a great location for getting over the air signals, due to trees and hills. But I can get what I want via a streaming service, or even 2 of them, for less than what AT&T is now charging after they raised the roof on my supposed 2-year pricing deal. We have to pay ridiculous charges for internet too, since, unlike the lucky folks back East, there is no competition for monopoly Comcast internet out here. It is amazing how their prices go down when they face real competition, but that's another thread.



On 8/16/2018 5:38 PM, Dave Mitchel wrote:
I’m way out in the sticks and absolutely no antenna will do anything out here. otherwise I would get unwire in a heartbeat.
From: Mary Otten
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Wi-Fi without internet service.
We got DIRECTV about a year and a half ago on a really good deal. Unfortunately, the really good deal has turned into a mess. I can’t wait to get out. Goodbye AT&T and satellite TV. We have had dish. Not so great. I guess it’s better now than it used to be. But I am going to be a cord cutter.

On Aug 16, 2018, at 4:22 PM, Dave Mitchel <dbmitchel@...> wrote:

I just switche  from Direct tv/ATT because of the rise in costs. I got frustrated with them and their total lack of consideration and the inability of customer servvice to get me to the right place. I have dish coming tomorrow for hook up. Direct was supposed to have set me up on a lower cost last week and all they did was mess up my internet and left without ever showing me how to get the cable to talk. I hope you have better luck with them than I did. I told them the main reason I was leaving them is I was tired of calling for service anjd no one understanding english enough to get me to the correct system.
From: TerriLynne Pomeroy
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I use DirecTV. Their prices have gone up and up since A T & T bought them out. Through a few frustrated phone calls, I was put in touch with a “loyalty” department, and they dropped my bill nearly in half. But I am guessing that that was a loyalty to DirecTV program and not an A T & T program.





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ATT is telling me the cheapest service they have is $55 a month.  I can’t imagine this.  I just hung up the phone from calling them once again asking for another promotion, and they keep insisting if I use their cell or TV service, they can then offer me a better deal.  I only have until the fourth of Sept to decide, and if not, they will charge me another $55.  Damn it sounds like they are penalizing me for not using their TV or cell service!  It stinks! 

ATT just offered me if I switch to use their cell service, they would give me a SE iPhone completely free, and if I didn’t want that, they would give me an iPhone 8 as well as another iPhone 8 completely free, and if I wanted an iPhone 10, they would give me another iPhone 10 completely free.  I keep telling them I am happy with my current phone carrier, so then is when they tell me they have no cheaper internet service for me!  I definitely would like to get away from ATT though. 


to use




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Some ISP’s will no longer allow residential customers to downgrade to slo Internet DSL service if faster and more expensive fiber optic service is available where they live.






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Wi-Fi is a way to communicate over short distances between a router and a device such as a computer.  It is a means of radio communication to allow you to do things without being physically connected to the modem or router by a cable.  that's all it is.  You can have an Internet connection without Wi-Fi.  You could have a Wi-Fi connection without Internet service but it would be useless.  Your computer would be connected to the router and the router would not be connected to the Internet.  It would be like being connected with a cable to your router and your router not being connected to the Internet. 


You must have an Internet service provider.  If you don't want much in the way of Internet Service, find out what the very slowest plan is that AT&T offers.  I don't know if it is still available, but my parents had a very slow DSL service for years that they paid something like 14 dollars a month for.  If you do nothing but e-mail and look at web pages, that plan may be adequate.  I don't know if the plan is fast enough to allow streaming of audio but you indicate you just want to do Internet searches, which implies that you just want to look at web pages and use e-mail.



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I you have unlimited data on your cell, Janet, that will
work, but if you have limited data like we do, well, I guess
we pay one way or another.

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Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know if there is a way to have Wi-Fi service at
home without ATT internet service? I just received another
raise from ATT in which is $55 instead of $42, and they say
they have no promotions going on, and might not for a while
either.  I don't like paying $55 just to search online.  I
can use my phone to do this.  Matter of fact, I just use my
cellular service on my phone.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you all.

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