Re: I can't find the controls in the game day audio player like I used to do.

Jim Rawls

I agree. This is really not acceptable. We should be able to control the volume with their player. We could last year.


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Hi Jim,


I have been able to access the list of both audio and video links at  I have my account set to log in automatically.  I simply click on the radio feed.  This year the TV and radio feeds are listed on the same page, TV first and followed by radio feeds.  I can access the audio for the radio quite easily, but I also cannot raise and lower the volume--except via the up/down volumes key on the keyboard.  According to the accessibility FAQ, Firefox, Chrome, EDGE are the recommended browsers.  Even with these, I cannot raise and lower the volume.  The shortcut keys are supposed to be up arrow and down arrow to raise and lower the volume.  It says to have them on an area of the screen where there is no menu items.  Yet this doesn't work for me.

I think it's time to call the disability hotline and inquire.  I have an Echo device so I am able to access the games through the MLB app and the Tune In Premium App and use the devices volume to raise and lower levels.  This doesn't seem to work on Firefox or Edge.

On 8/21/2018 12:11 AM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Iii want to raise the volume and can’t so far. I am using IE and running windows ten with jaws 18l. Jim

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