if you don't like touch screens...

Josh Kennedy



One of my friends had an iPhone. Then he sold it and went back to android. But he is not a fan of touch screens. He just does not like them and can’t use them well at all. So I asked him what phone he got. He spent the last two days telling me all about the Kapsys smartVision2 phone, that you can buy from www.irie-at.com  for $599 united states dollars. It has a 4-inch touch screen, android 6.0, 1.3ghz quad core processor, 2gigs ram 16gigs storeage with support for micro sd cards, nano sim card gsm LTE phone. Works with TracFone, at&t, t-mobile, cricket, stuff like that. Accessibility is turned on out of the box. There is a premium version selling for $850 or $880 or so but you do not need it because apps such as knfb reader and nearby explorer do a better job anyway I think. So if you want a smartphone, but you hate the touch screen, based on what I was told, seems like the SmartVision2 phone would be a good choice. You can even black out the screen so sighted people cannot see what you are doing. It has a menu system sort of like a brailleNote, but lets you install any apps you wish from the google play store as well, including other tts engines like eloquence. So if you just don’t like touch screens, but you want an android phone the smartVision2 may be what you want to buy.





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