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Donald L. Roberts

Hello Grumpy Dave and other interested persons,

On both of my Windows 10 machines as well as on my Windows 7 laptop, the Outlook Express hack works extremely well including all message filtering opsions and account settings. Although I use it primarily with Window-eyes 9.5.4, it also works well with Jaws 16 and Jaws 18.

Actually, I have only one gripe about the functionality of the O E hack. In the options menu, one can choose to either expand or collapse message threads. However, I can never get this to work regardless of which option I choose. I have also unsuccessfully tested this option with message sorted by subject and then by date sent. The bottom line is that for me, messages must be deleted individually. Regardless, the option doesn't work at least for me. Otherwise, the program is great.

Don Roberts

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For those of you using the Non Microsoft Outlook Express, does it work
well with JAWS or NVDA?


Grumpy Dave

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