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Donald L. Roberts

Hi Dave,

You perhaps already know this. What I am calling Outlook Express is not the same as O E Classic which is sold, euphemisticly called a donation, by the folks at run as xp dot com. What I am attempting to say is that to my knowledge, there is no paid version of this thing. In fact, when you go into the help menue, it basicly says that it is a hack of the Microsoft product and gives the credits for the various Microsoft files.

One other cautionary note. If you are running Windows 10, the program may well get wiped out when the next major update comes along. Mike B recently sent me instructions for restoring the program after a windows update, but thus far I have not had an opportunity to test them although I have a lot of confidence in the advice that he has given on various other issues, so I see no reason to doubt what he says.

Don Roberts

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Hi Don,

Thanks for you review of the O E program. I think I'll give it a try.
Am just tired of Becky.

And if it works, don't mind paying for the Paid version.

You still use Window Eyes? Ah, my favorite Screen Read of the Big Three.
I miss it as it was easier to make it work well. Although, the last
version,9.X gave me great problems with way too many failures. Never
could determine whether it was my systems, or something in Window Eyes,
and the great guys in Tech couldn't figure it out either. Sometimes it
is like this.

I moved to JAWS when we had to offer of the Free Cross-Grade. And I
will say this, I rarely ever so rarely have JAWS fail. I haven't quite
gotten on to its way of doing what it does, but I have really Hammered
jaws, Daily, and I couldn't tell you the last time it has failed.

Cheers, and Thanks again, for the review.

Grumpy Dave

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